"I felt swept up in the story on every single page...and the reader gets to go through this beautiful journey with
the main character...Thank you dear author for sharing your book with me."
Four Stars - review for Hurry Home for Christmas           JessiAnne, reviewer for OnLineBookClub.org
Whether writing sweet or spicy, Smalltown USA, historical, or thrilling paranormal, one
theme underlies every tale, and that is love. Love found, love lost, love regained. Love for
family, friends, lover, spouse. I wrote my first book many years ago, at the age of seven,
about the love of a very young girl for her horse. Nowadays, I write romance and general
women's fiction, as well as young adult--which I hope to introduce to my readers in the
near future.

The lovely rural village in Pennsylvania that I call home can often be found in the settings
of many of my stories. I cannot help it. The natural beauty of the area enamors me. When
time allows, I paint, a pastime also influenced by the daily changing landscape. The
majority of my inspiration, however, comes from you, the readers. I never fail to be
touched by your enthusiasm. Thank you, one and all.


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