I am currently building an iMessage extension app and whenever I try to build and run the app on a device I get an error.

Could not attach to pid : “557”
Domain: IDEDebugSessionErrorDomain
Code: 3
Failure Reason: Error 1

正规365体育投注The app builds fine for the simulator; however, it doesn’t work on devices. I have tried multiple devices including an iPhone 6+ running iOS 12.4.6 and an iPhone X running iOS 13.4.1.

I have already done sudo DevToolsSecurity -enable正规365体育投注 in the terminal for the Mac. Is there anything that must be done to set up the device itself?

If anyone could help me get the app running on a device that would be great because you can't have an app that doesn't work on the device itself.

Thanks! :)

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Quit Xcode, clean build, clear derived data and run again, this works usually for me.

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  • After cleaning and clearing the derived data I just got a new error: Could not attach to pid : “603” – Patrick Haertel yesterday

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