I was trying to query the duration of a WWE wrestler in the matches which he won and here I have successfully retrieved the data:

正规365体育投注I would like to remove those zeros and I tried the following piece of code:

strftime(%H:%M:%S, R1.time_in_match)

which doesn't work and give the following error:

 ': near "%": syntax error 

The data I imported were from a data frame which stores the time as time object and put them into the database as type DATETIME. The typeof function used on the "time_in_match" field returned type TEXT.

I was wondering if there is any way to format the time.


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    select strftime('%H:%M:%S', R1.time_in_match) you missed the single quotes. – forpas May 23 at 23:24

正规365体育投注SQLite provides 2 functions for this case:

strftime('%H:%M:%S', R1.time_in_match)

and simpler:



The time() function returns the time as HH:MM:SS

(from )

See the .

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正规365体育投注Your expression works as intended if you surround the format specifier with single quotes:

strftime('%H:%M:%S', time_in_match)

正规365体育投注You could also just use string functions here:

substr(time_in_match, 1, 8)

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  • Thanks, the first one doesn't work well. The second one is fine. – Harry1024 May 24 at 7:59
  • @Harry1024: the first one failed because I wrongly added single quotes around the identifier... fixed. – GMB May 24 at 8:37

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