Behind The Brand

From his humble roots in the Italian countryside, Diesel’s founder, Renzo Rosso has created one of the world’s most iconic brands. Known initially for their denim, this legendary fashion house has expanded...


Only the Brave

With its strong punch of masculine magnetism, Diesel Only The Brave is a signature scent for the sure, modern, sensual man. Just as you’d expect from the legendary brand, this popular aftershave is both....


Diesel Bad

Diesel introduces an ironic take on the typical seduction routine with its new masculine fragrance, Diesel BAD. The fragrance encapsulates the rebel attitude of the bad boy who dares...



Just like everything from the vivacious Italian founder, Renzo Rosso, these fragrance collections for men and women are just as legendary. Made for men and women who know what they want, Diesel’s aftershaves and perfumes are popular for their vibrant and liberating powers.

Featuring Diesel Only The Brave, Diesel Fuel For Life, Diesel Loverdose and Diesel Bad, each scent has its own unique character with the brand’s go-getting essence and verve at the heart of each note.

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